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2011-01-15 Clone Tools 2.0.2 released

Clone Tools 2.0.2 released.

This is a minor fix for license issues with Windows 7.

2010-06-10 Clone Tools 2.0 released

Clone Tools 2.0 released. Major redesign of the code makes it far more stable than previous versions.

News in Clone Tools 2.0:

Improved file filters that makes it easier to filter out the files you are interested in.

More options in the automatic functions makes it easier clean large folders.

Improved memory management that allows you to work with more files in one scan.

Many minor bug fixes and tweaks that makes the program faster and more stable.

2009-03-04 new site design

Major overhaul of the design of this web site.

2008-08-20 Clone Tools 1.11 released

Clone Tools version 1.11 released. Minor bug fix.

2008-05-15 Clone Tools version 1.1 released

Clone Tools version 1.1 released. This release includes both some performance improvements and user interface changes.

2008-03-07 Clone Tools version 1.00 released

PilotMan Software has released Clone Tools, the first duplicate file finder that works with folders containing duplicate files rather than individual duplicate files. Read more about how Clone Tools can help you find duplicate files.