Find and delete duplicate files

This is a brief tutorial showing a simple and fast way to use Clone Tools to find duplicate files and delete the ones you do not want to keep.


Find duplicate files

The first step is to use Clone Tools to find duplicate files.


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Start the scan

Click the "New Clone Scan" button.


Start scan to find duplicate files

Select the folders you want to scan for duplicate files

1: Select the folder you want to scan.

2: Click the "Add" button.

3: Click the " Start Scan" button and wait for the scan to finish.

Select folders where you want to find duplicate files

Delete duplicate files

The second step is to use Clone Tools to delete duplicate files. Repeat this procedure for all folders that you want to clean from duplicate content.

Delete duplicate files

1: Select a folder in the result list that contains duplicate files that you do not want to delete.

2: Select a folder in the clones list.

3: Click the "Delete all shared clones" button

All files in the folder selected in the clones list that has a duplicate in the folder selected in the result list will be deleted automatically.

Delete duplicate files

This is all you need to know to start cleaning your computer from unwanted duplicate files. But since Clone Tools is an extensive program packed with tools to help you find and delete duplicate files there is of course a lot more to learn. To find out more you may want to download the free trial version or keep reading at our site about how Clone Tools helps you to find duplicate files.

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