Find and delete Duplicate mp3

AA collection of music files can contain a lot of identical files, if you use Clone Tools it is easy to find and remove all unwanted duplicate mp3 files.

If you try to find duplicated mp3 files by looking at the file names or using a program to compare the mp3 tag information, such as artist and song name, the results can be misleading. Two files with different name can be identical files, and two songs tagged with the same artist and song name can be different. Sometimes you have two versions of the same song, and want to keep both.

Clone Tools uses a byte-by-byte scan to determine if the mp3 files are identical, this way you can confidently remove files.


Search for duplicate mp3 files

  • Start the program and press the start scan button.
  • Choose the folders that you use for your music files, do not scan the whole drive, this will take a long time and render a lot of irrelevant results.
  • When the scan is finished the results will be listed in the result list.


Delete duplicate mp3 files

  • All folders that contain duplictate files as well as the identical files will now be listed in the result list.
  • If there are files or file types listed that you are not interested in you can filter them out by right clicking on them and choose “ignore..”.
  • If you click on a folder in the result list all folders that contain duplicates of files in this folder will appear in the clones list.
  • Use the buttons above the clones list to clean out the unwanted duplicate files from the folder selected in this list.
  • You can also examine and delete files from both the selected folders in the twin browser, this method of re moving duplicate mp3 files is a bit slower but gives you total control and you can also move files and directories.