How To Find and Remove Duplicate Images And Photos

Almost everyone who uses a digital camera will sooner or later run into the problem of having lots of duplicated image files on their hard drive. Often you transfer the files from your camera to your computer without deleting them and later you transfer the same files again, this way you will have two folders with partly the same content. Later you maybe copy the images to another folder and change the names. After doing this a couple of times your image folders get cluttered with copies of the same files.


Find the duplicate images

Going through and compare hundreds or thousands of photos to decide what to keep and what to delete is a very tiresome process. What you need is a duplicate file finder program to search your folders and identify the duplicates. There are lots of different programs that help you find duplicated images but most of them suffer from a poor user interface that makes it hard to manage the duplicated files. A simple listing of the duplicates may be sufficient if you are happy with just deleting random files but it is not enough if you want to organize the files and be sure you have the files in the correct folders.


Clone Tools gives you better overview and file handling abilities

The thing that sets Clone Tool apart from the other duplicate file finders is the twin browser. The twin browser is basically a folder compare tool, the contents of two folders is displayed side by side so you can easily see the files and folders they contain and which of the files are duplicates. The twin browser has all the usual file handling functions; it is very easy to move files and folders between  two folders. This unique feature makes Clone Tools the only program that helps you organize your files and folders at the same time you delete the duplicate images.

Find Duplicate Files

This is the twin browser; the contents of two folders are displayed side by side.


Automatic duplicate cleaning functions

Clone Tools has also got powerful automatic functions that merges the contents of two folders, this is especially useful if you have downloaded images from your digital camera on several occasions without deleting them from the camera. The only thing you have to do is to locate the two folders that contain the images and press the merge button; the program automatically moves all unique files to the target folder, deletes the duplicates and removes the folder that has been merged with the target folder. Now you are left with one folder that contains all of the files from the two folders, but without any duplicated images.


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